Athlete Corner

Chiropractic White Bear Lake MN Liv Testimonial

University of Iowa Women's Golfer

Liv Salonek

Chiropractic has helped me in golf in so many ways my entire life. Regular adjustments, and wellness advice has helped improve my performance significantly. Chiropractic has helped me be pain free in my neck, back, hips, shoulders, wrists, and feet which is where the most repetitive stress happens due to golf for me.

Adjustments make me feel great and have also helped improve my balance, mobility, flexibility and body alignment. I have been able to heal faster, support my body in the ways it needs, become stronger and continue to get better in my golf game. Chiropractic does so much more than just fix injuries, it constantly improves every function in my body. I am so much healthier than I ever would be without it. I am so grateful everyday for my chiropractor. Dr Heidi is the greatest chiropractor and mom!


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